How To Choose Your First Fountain Pen

A common question I receive from friends, family, and prospective customers is how to choose their first fountain pen. Those not familiar with fountain pens aren’t conversant with the intricacies of converters, nib sizes, line widths and inks. The length of the barrel, the cap, the manufacturing material, the size of your hand and whether you are … Read more

The Staedtler Initium Lignum Fountain Pen in Plum Wood

In the Fall of 2015 Ling and I were very happy to attend Scriptus Toronto. This wonderful fountain pen show is going a long way to bring pen enthusiasts, manufacturers, and retailers together to share their love for writing instruments and the products associated with them.Some wonder why on earth any manufacturer would want to sell fountain pens … Read more

The Staedtler Premium Collection.

We had the great fortune of meeting the folks from Staedtler at Scriptus Toronto last year. We chatted for a while and agreed to meet up to go through their products and see if we could bring them to Knight’s Writing Company. I’m glad to say that we will shortly be introducing the Initium range to … Read more