Who Is Knight’s Writing Company?

Graeme Knight

Today I’m flying to Boston for a couple of days. This gives me an opportunity to answer a popular question: ‘Who are you?’. Every customer has received a thank you note in their order and each gets a little self-portrait-cartoon, which I should probably have apologized for in advance. Aside from the odd selfie on … Read more

The wonderful world of pens

You may know that Knight’s Writing Company is new to the pen and ink market in Canada. We’re just north of Toronto in suburban Aurora. Since we opened the doors in April, we have had a fantastic response from customers and pen aficionados alike. So far it’s been a steep learning curve and an interesting journey.Interaction with … Read more

Fountain pens and inks for the Fall.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Summer should be a slow time for retail, but Knight’s Writing Company has been busy. We’ve purposely taken a little time away from our other store (Cool Chess Canada) just for a short while in order to drive Knight’s Writing Company to where we want it by the Fall.To be known on the Internet takes a … Read more