The Weekly Ink Blot: Staedtler Red

Staedtler Red Fountain Pen Ink

Upcoming inks includes Staedtler colours, and my oh my what nice colours they are!You may know Staedtler for the pens and pencils you used to use at school, but once you try one of their fine writing instruments, you’ll have a very different view of their product line.Staedtler’s inks are no different! These gorgeous inks … Read more

The Weekly Ink Blot: J. Herbin, Rouge Opera

J. Herbin Rouge Opera

I have a good friend who always listens to opera when he is working. After a quick bout of Puccini he’ll waft emotionally around his office kitchen, waving his arms in the air in typical artistic style, enthusiastically telling people about the amazing performance of this singer or that singer.I was missing my friend this … Read more

The Weekly Ink Blot: Noodler’s Ink, Widow Maker

Noodler's Ink Widow Maker

I’ve been in an odd mood since I told Ling the story behind Tubular Bells and Richard Branson trying to bring Mike Oldfield’s instrumental album to the US market. Of course the discussion went beyond The Exorcist (where the music is featured) and onto all matters creepy.Oh yes, discussions of 1970s horror movies made me think of Noodler’s Ink … Read more