The Weekly Ink Blot: J. Herbin, Rouge Opera

J. Herbin Rouge Opera

I have a good friend who always listens to opera when he is working. After a quick bout of Puccini he'll waft emotionally around his office kitchen, waving his arms in the air in typical artistic style, enthusiastically telling people about the amazing performance of this singer or that singer.

I was missing my friend this week as he is off to his home nation for a couple of weeks summer vacation. So what better way to remember him than get out J. Herbin's Rouge Opera. 

What a mighty ink! This deep red velvet of an ink reminds me of operatic lipstick, theatre seat covers and the stage curtain! In my mind I can hear the hustle and bustle of the audience milling around before the curtain rises! The conductor taps and everyone's attention is on the stage. The orchestra starts to play.

Rouge Opera is an almost emotional ink. If there is such a thing. With a deep passionate colour that cries out to be written on paper.