Changes to shipping rates

Shipping costs are one of those necessary evils for any product sold online and any package sent from one place to another. Since we started in the pen business we’ve spent a great deal of time analyzing those costs. Last year we aimed to subsidize shipping in order to reduce that scary extra on the checkout page. … Read more

The Staedtler Premium Collection.

We had the great fortune of meeting the folks from Staedtler at Scriptus Toronto last year. We chatted for a while and agreed to meet up to go through their products and see if we could bring them to Knight’s Writing Company. I’m glad to say that we will shortly be introducing the Initium range to … Read more

Kaweco Skyline Sport in Metallic Violet

Just before Christmas we received word from our Kaweco distributor that they had received a shipment containing beautiful limited edition metallic violet Kaweco Violet Skyline Sport pens. Of course we wanted some for the store, so we stocked up. They went from our shelves as quickly as they came in, so we restocked.The pen itself is the same … Read more

How we handle your ink in winter…

The winter months are upon us and it is with some trepidation that we head into them! Thankfully we appear to have been given a slight reprieve in our first winter of shipping ink – we’ve been given some mild weather for November and December and January hasn’t been so bad either!Each and every shipment goes out from our office … Read more

The wonderful world of pens

You may know that Knight’s Writing Company is new to the pen and ink market in Canada. We’re just north of Toronto in suburban Aurora. Since we opened the doors in April, we have had a fantastic response from customers and pen aficionados alike. So far it’s been a steep learning curve and an interesting journey.Interaction with … Read more