Winter 2020/2021, Pickups & COVID-19

Kaweco AL Special and Purple Mist Super Closeup

This has certainly been a year to remember. We hope that you and your families and friends have kept well and safe. And now of course the cold weather is now here! If you need to order ink we will try to make sure that it gets to you in one piece and not several … Read more

How to (cleanly) fill a fountain pen

How to fill a fountain pen cleanly

One thing that really bugs me about filling my pens is an inky nib section. This is especially true when a pen is an expensive one. After purchasing a gorgeous new fountain pen, you rip open the packaging, carefully open the box and behold the amazing craftsmanship that went into making your new pen.  … and then … Read more

The Cold Weather Is Here!

Just a reminder to all our customers that the cold weather is here! If you need to order ink do and we will try to make sure that it gets to you in one piece and not several frozen pieces (it’s a bit out of our hands because we have to rely on the shipping … Read more

Conklin Sunburst Orange, Monteverde Mandarin Orange and Rhodia Paper!

Conklin All American Sunburst and Monteverde Mandarin Orange Ink

Last week I happened to look out of the window and see our maple tree changing into a gorgeous orange and brown colour. I decided to see what orange we had in stock! First up was the Conklin All American fountain pen in Sunburst Orange. If you don’t know the All American, you’ll first be … Read more

How To Fill A Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen Converters And Cartridges

This one is for Lyn! After receiving a gorgeous fountain pen as a gift, Lyn came to us with several questions. One question that she asked was how to get ink into her brand new pen! She had a piston converter and no cartridges. I hope this article helps, Lyn! Fountain pens that use ink … Read more