The Weekly Ink Blot: J Herbin, Ambre De Birmanie

Ambre De Birmanie

I did this ink blot before. But I couldn't help myself. I had to do it again!

Yellow kept cropping up at Scriptus Toronto! In many forms! We had customers ask for all manner of yellow and that surprised me quite a bit. Strangely I've never really considered it as a potential favourite colour. Strange, because I love brown ink (as you may already know) and yellow can be sort-of-brown.

I'm waiting for a pen to ink up! And it's going yellow all the way! As soon as a pen becomes free I'm going to treat it to J. Herbin's wonderful Ambre De Birmanie (Amber of Burma).

Ambre De Birmanie has a complex depth to it that certainly attracts the eye. And if it flows as well as other J. Herbin inks I shall be very happy indeed. Sorry to have blotted it a second time. But it's really kind of cool.

Do you have a favourite yellow?