The Weekly Ink Blot: J. Herbin, Terre De Feu

Terre De Feu Fountain Pen Ink

Modern fountain pens don't blot the same way as when I was in school about a hundred years ago. No matter how hard I shook my Bahamas travel pen, a Kaweco AL Sport that I decided to bring with me for pool-side journal writing, I could not make a blot!! I didn't want to get into extreme cartridge squeezing so I did the best I could. Scribble.

Tierra del Fuego (Terre De Feu) is an archipelago at South America’s southernmost tip, shared by Chile and Argentina. It's also a really beautiful brown ink by J. Herbin that gives a super caramel brown writing experience. This ink is one of my favourites! 

The ink has some nice shading for a brown, and a red quality that makes me think of old English brick buildings. Once down on paper it gives a luxurious colour that puts it above similar inks. If you don't like brown inks, perhaps give Terre De Feu a go and see if your mind can be changed - go on give it a go!