The Weekly Ink Blot: Diamine, Regency Blue

Diamine Regency Blue

I was very happy to bring Diamine fountain pen inks to the store during April and I've been inking up several pens. One ink that really caught my eye was Diamine's 150th anniversary Regency Blue. I'm generally a fan of brown inks and not-quite-so ordinary inks. I find it takes a very special blue to catch my attention. I love the blue-black that Diamine have produced, but Regency Blue is gorgeous.

Any manufacturer to be alive and well after 150 years is truly remarkable, but Diamine inks are among the best and I truly love the way they behave. Regency Blue is no different. It's a beautiful ink with lots of character and a high quality feel. It flows very nicely in the five pens I've tried it in and I am happy to say that the bottle I stole from our ink stock now stands proudly next to my notebook! 

See Regency Blue.